Finding A Forex Blog

Finding A Forex Blog! There are two basic categories in the Forex blog world. There is the informational/news blog, and there is the opinion blog. The informational/news blog is only a blog in its most general sense. It might list itself as a blog only to become a member of the fray, but basically it is only a news update site that can be found on any Forex broker’s site and certainly here at Daily Forex.

These are not hard to come by and there isn’t one that is better than another, although depending on what Forex pairs you might be trading, some news sites might be more beneficial than others. The only advice to be given is try some out and bookmark what you like.

The Forex blog that contains ‘expert’ opinion is a bit more tricky. What constitutes an ‘expert’? Generally speaking, an expert would have to be someone with a proven track record and the same would be true for anyone writing a Forex blog.

But again, if that’s the case there are still multitudes of expert Forex traders that are writing blogs and one wouldn’t have any time to trade if that was the only criteria.

So it boils down to this: readability. The bottom line for any blog, whether it is about Forex or home gardening, if it is poorly written it loses its credibility instantly. You will never hear anyone say that they read a great blog but you have to get through all the typos and grammatical errors to really understand it. Nobody has the time for that. Particularly a Forex trader whose time literally means money.

Finding A Forex Blog

When looking for a blog to follow, you want to find someone who interacts with the readers and builds a community. Take a look at the comment section. Is the technical analysis good? This is worth investigating and you might be surprised by the results.

There are various review sites and articles on “top ten” Forex blogs, which makes it easier to wade through the volume of information out there. These top ten reviews are obviously subjective and dependent upon what you’re looking for. It’s important to keep a leg up on information in the Forex market, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of what people are offering.

The atmosphere of interaction and feedback should serve as a basic measuring stick when evaluating a Forex blog. To get involved in the community can be useful by not only receiving information, but also by making contacts. After all…it’s not always ‘what’ you know…

Finding A Forex Blog

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