Crypto Currencies Reviews


Siacoin Crypto Review – SC

Siacoin Crypto Review – SC. Siacoin project began as a concept back in 2013 at HackMIT. The concept is simple, allow anybody to rent out their own storage space and… more


Ontology Crypto Review – ONT Token

Ontology Crypto Review – ONT Token. As one would expect, Ontology includes its very own native token, known as ONT. It is the most important currency of the ecosystem, and… more


Bytecoin (BCN) Cryptocurrency Review – Why Is Bytecoin So Reliable?

Using Bytecoin, customers have the ability to avoid transaction fees as it requires very minimal energy or human resources to function. It is also immune to hacks due to its… more


Hodly Review — Crypto Wallet

Hodly Review — Crypto Wallet. First of all, Hodly could boast extensive functionality. Likely, its most important feature is the ability to send, receive, buy, sell and keep cryptocurrency with… more


VeChain (VEN) Cryptocurrency Review – The Research

VeChain (VEN) Cryptocurrency Review – The Research. VeChain prides itself on becoming the top blockchain platform for products and information. VeChain intends to make a business ecosystem that is distributed… more


Verge (XVG) Cryptocurrency Review – How does it work?

Verge (XVG) Cryptocurrency Review – How does it work? Unlike a few fresh cryptocurrencies of 2017, Verge has a very busy development team and numerous contributors. Users can quickly access… more


ICON (ICX) Cryptocurrency Review – The Future

ICON (ICX) Cryptocurrency Review – The Future. Even though there are already several decentralized networks, the growth of ICON should permit a unique addition to the crypto-world due to its… more


Lisk (LSK) Cryptocurrency Review – You Should Know

Lisk (LSK) Cryptocurrency Review – You Should Know. Lisk brands itself as the “first modular cryptocurrency utilising sidechains”. We’ll arrive at the sidechains role in a little and concentrate on… more


NEM (XEM) Cryptocurrency Review

NEM (XEM) Cryptocurrency Review. NEM is a peer-to-peer crypto platform. The first plans for NEM was to make a branch of NXT however that was eventually dismissed in favour of… more


Cardano Cryptocurrency 2018 Review

Cardano Cryptocurrency 2018 Review. Cardano is supported by a nonprofit company, called the Cardano Foundation. The foundation serves several purposes, either to Cardano and into the blockchain community as a… more