Among the professional traders perhaps the most popular option is trading currency pairs. The reason is simple – most of them came in the binary options just because of currency exchange market Forex, when they realized that here you can earn many times more and a lot faster.


So that the newcomers who do not have professional knowledge to trade on binary options with profit, there are special binary options signals. While using them, it will be possible to get a good profit. According to statistics, while purchasing options exclusively based on data signals, 70% of all committed transactions will be profitable.

Signals of binary options on currency pairs

Step One: select a tool to carry out operations.

The most accurate and strong indicator for transactions offered by Call and Put is where at all time intervals (timeframes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes and 1 hour) it is recommended “Actively buy” or “Actively sell.”

The lineActively buy” is a signal CALL to buy binary option, it predicts a price increase.

The line “Actively sell” is a signal Put to buy binary option, it predicts a price decrease.

It is necessary to find assets with strong signals, which will have the same forecast in all 3 slots. Once this condition is met, you can proceed to the next step.

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Step Two.

On the chart you need to choose the asset, the signal on which coincides in all three time frames (currency pair EUR / USD is set by the default) and check whether at this point in time there is a trend that was predicted by the analysts.

When the signal in binary option to open the same transaction coincides, it means that the indicator is quite strong and the likelihood of this prediction is at a high level.

One should note that the profitability of these signals is about 70%. If you are a novice trader and only fasten your knowledge of market analysis – these signals will be very useful for you.

In fact, that’s all! It remains only to choose a trusted broker, make an initial deposit into your account and begin to make predictions. If you find such signals in the market, you can make a profit with binary options in 70 out of 100 transactions.

Signals of binary options on commodities

Commodity market is not less popular among traders who make binary options, moreover, it is an excellent option for both professional traders and beginners.

The transactions on gold, oil and other commodities sound pretty solid. Not everyone can boast of such achievements. However, the deal is not a guarantee that you will get a profit. How can that be when there is sufficient knowledge of the market and your own strategy?

To do this, the indicators for binary options were created. To use them on the commodities market is as easy as in other markets.

Step One: select a tool to carry out operations.

Actively buy” – buying a binary option CALL on the rise.

“Actively sell” – buying a binary option PUT on the fall.

The asset with the indicator signal “Actively buy” (signal to buy binary option CALL, signal for the growth of the asset) or “Actively sell(signal to binary option PUT, the signal for the fall of the asset) can be used for transactions. One should note that the signal should be in each of the time frames (5 minutes, 15 minutes and 1 hour).

Step Two.

Once an asset is selected, it is necessary to check the indicator signals that analytical companies provide. These signals come from traders who are opening a transaction at this moment.

From the menu you can select «Risk Level LOW» (high probability of correct prediction), and find that asset in the list of assets which is expected to trade.

It is necessary to buy binary options in the same direction as the indicator displays. In this case, when more than 70% of traders are buying binary options – it gives a high probability that the option will be profitable.